(09/12/2013) - iHealthBeat :Getting More Health Out of Health IT
"How can we get more health out of health IT? Getting more patients involved in their own health will help maximize providers' investments in health IT. Let's call this ROH (return on health). Notwithstanding roughly 100,000 mobile health..." read full article >>>

(09/10/2013) - The Washington Post : Analyzing the side effects of common drugs; questioning conventional pregnancy wisdom
"Wondering whether your abdominal pain is related to your Synthroid medication or if your insomnia is a side effect of Albuterol? The Web site aims to help people connect the dots between the drugs they take and how they feel..." read full article >>>

(08/27/2013) - ConsumerAffairs: Website makes it easier to check a drug's side effects
"There are plenty of websites that allow you to type in a symptom to see what illness you might. But there aren't many sites that tell you if that symptom really results from an illness, or if it's possibly a side effect from a medicine you're taking. That's where comes in..." read full article >>>

(08/22/2013) - Technology for Doctors: eHealthMe shares Big Data on medication side-effects
"Most of the sources that doctors use to find out what side-effects drugs may have on particular categories of patients don’t provide detailed information. A new social media site that allows consumers to report negative reactions is becoming a rich source of information about side-effects observed by the masses, not just the few involved in clinical trials. Called eHealthMe, the site receives about 2-million visitors each month, and is armed with powerful analytics devised by seasoned healthcare analysts to make sense of the data collected, says CEO Johnson Chen..." read full article >>>

(08/22/2013) - MedCity News: Entrepreneur’s drug database brings healthcare big data to the ordinary person
"The healthcare industry has created more than 50 petabytes of data, but much of it never reaches the people who could benefit most from it. Former healthcare consultant Johnson Chen wanted to find a way to bring all of the useful, publicly available data from clinical drug trials to consumers who are taking those medications..." read full article >>>

(07/23/2013) - eWeek: eHealthMe Launches Personalized Online Q&A Service
"eHealthMe, a company that operates a big data health platform, has introduced a Personalized Q&A service to allow people with various medical conditions to get advice from others. Announced July 18, eHealthMe's new Personalized Q&A service is an extension of the company's big data platform that uses algorithms to analyze U.S Food and Drug Administration and social media data for medical research..." read full article >>>

(07/17/2013) - Appscovery: How to Hack Your Doctor's Visit with MedBuddy for Android
"eHealthMe's FREE app, a personalized real world drug checker, is available now! Never miss a symptom, compare it with patients like yourself in real time, and discuss it with doctors later. The app, called Med Buddy, lets you go to the doctor's office armed and dangerous with data. It is the companion app to eHealthMe, a website with over 40 million outcomes on 45,000 drugs, vitamins and supplements mined algorithmically from FDA databases and social media sites. Med Buddy is designed for ordinary people, which means you can use the app to hack your doctor's visit and get a higher standard of care..." read full article >>>

(07/16/2013) - Fox Business: 4 Social Networks Tailored-Made for Medical Questions
"It might seem like people over share when it comes to posting information on social networks, but there is one topic that tends to be off limits: health issues. "The need [for health-related social networks] is huge," says Johnson Chen, founder and CEO of eHealthMe. "People don’t want to discuss their issues on Facebook and Twitter."..." read full article >>>

(06/26/2013) - Executive Insight: eHealthMe Offers New Personalized Q&A Service for Users
"eHealthMe announces a new Personalized Q&A service for people who value individualized health information from patients with the same age, gender, and drug regimen. Building on the momentum of eHealthMe's personalized drug checker, the Personalized Q&A takes a step further towards empowering patients with unique, actionable insight on their conditions and medication..." read full article >>>

(06/12/2013) - MedGadget: MedBuddy from eHealthMe.Com Helps Patients Analyze Symptoms (Android App)
"It has been said there may be good, but no exquisite, marriages. However, there is an interesting consumer health app that marries individual health questions with ‘big data’ that might contradict this statement. The app is eHealthMe‘s MedBuddy, an outgrowth of the website, and it allows a person to put in their personal medical symptoms, medications, and/or medical conditions and get a detailed data report back from FDA databases (as well as responses given to other users who submitted similar medical questions)..." read full article >>>

(06/11/2013) - VentureBeat: eHealthMe uses big data to answer your personal health questions
"Big data is transforming the health IT sector, but still out of reach for regular people. eHealthMe is a startup trying to make healthcare big data accessible to the mainstream population..." read full article >>>